Man And Media Ltd.

Welcome to Man and Media Limited,

one of the top manufacturers and exporters of office consumables in China. At the time being our offer includes the following products: Ink and Toner Cartridges.

Our business involves Research and Development, Manufacturing and Export of the above mentioned items. As a holder of a Mainland China factory, we can guarantee high quality products, stable supply and UNBEATABLE prices. Our product and packing design is done in Europe and Hong Kong, then Manufactured in China, to bring new exciting items into your market at lowest possible cost.

Man and Media developed and constantly promotes its own brand through an open Global Partner Network that you are wecome to join. For Channel Partners who want to promote their own Brand, please refer to OEM/ODM section for details. We will be very much interested in cooperation for each OEM/ODM project within our product range.

Above all, with years of experience in manufacturing and global trade, Man and Media maintains an excellent level of customer service. These factors make us a perfect long-term business partner for IT distributors, resellers, brokers and VARs.

Ready to place an order? Please contact info (AT) manandmedia (DOT) com .
Stefan Krabbe
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Unit 9
ChinaChem Building
Central, HK, 00000, Hong Kong
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Man and Media Holding
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3000 square meter
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China, Germany
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